An Update: End Sexual Violence in Conflict


Me with Secretary Deles, the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, earlier this evening during the cocktail hosted by the British and Australian ambassadors.

The reality of sexual violence in conflict and how it pervades areas of armed conflict around the world would take more than just a status to write about and more than just a moment to digest. But awareness is instrumental in the change process, so for anyone reading this, educate yourself:

But even more crucial is action. It’s #TimeToAct


Thank you to those who made this movement more visible and more possible, from Foreign Secretary Hague and Special Envoy Jolie, to Ambassadors Ahmad and Tweddell, to Secretary Deles and the women who were integral to the Mindanao Peace Table. Thank you to those who extended this issue all the way down to myself and my peers, to Patricia Selda, Tom and Stephanie from the Embassies. And much love to those I met in the cocktail earlier! 


I’ll be blogging about this issue and this particular event (+related projects) soon. Watch out for that! 

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