Life Update #534453445


I haven’t blogged in awhile, and it’s all because of:

  1. Summer classes. I will always, always rue the day some school/education administrative thought of adding more months of learning into our curriculum. And while it was fun, a bit, it was also sweltering. Seriously. The fact that Bio 115 (Plant Taxonomy) made an active effort to make me suffer (ONE HUNDRED PLANT FAMILIES AND MORE SPECIES TO MEMORIZE) only made things more difficult. Thank goodness for Comm 3.
  2. Family shenanigans. At the very least there was a weekend I gave to family.
  3. Debate. (Almost) everyday. It would be ridiculous, but –I’ll be flying out to Singapore this Sunday for the United Asians Debating Championship with our teams. I would really, really like to do well in that tournament.

For all these reasons (and my general laziness), I haven’t posted anything in over a week. And I still probably won’t be posting anything substantial until after that tournament (June 02), and the coverage of UADC would probably be published around mid-June as well, since I’m planning a video log.

In other news, 

I just sent my application for the British and Australian Embassies’ End Sexual Violence in Conflict Essay competition, affiliated with It’s all very promising, but I’m not that brilliant of a writer to have very high hopes. But there’s always a chance! :)

Even if I don’t do well in that competition, I’ll start working on these human rights and feminist advocacies more actively this June-July (2 month vacation!). I’m still thinking of concrete action steps. (And I appreciate any help, because this really is an issue we can’t ignore.)

And edits I made because I love circles and photoshop,

TeeceeCard HMD


still (hypothetically) working on a blog post about our trip to Ilocos Norte. But it’s so hard when you have non-existent photos. :<

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