10 thoughts on loneliness (i’m in an unfriendly slump)

It comes and it goes. 

10 thoughts on loneliness 

1. i can't piece together the sounds
   to shake the shoulders of the world
   i want to tear this place down
   with my frustration

2. she says the word " ", and i hide
     i remember you
     i remember us
   and i fear the day would never come
   when not all words remind me of you

3. I am human. 

4. before: i count the tears as they fall. 
           they are finite.
   after:  in broad daylight.
           i'm still crying. 

5.    this is a haiku
   where i whisper tenderly
      to comfort myself

6. i am a wound, raw, exposed and festering
   the world tilts --i anchor myself --yet i'm slipping
   uprooted; my organs, visceral, fall to the ground
   alone in the abyss; i just want to be found.

7. I am weak. 

8. Spatial Zones and those that inhabit them
      a. Intimate: myself
      b. Personal: me
      c. Social:   I
      d. Public:   . 
   Interpretation? I will live and die alone. 

9. this bubble wrap
   is the only silver lining
   to fragility

X. Let's have a smile. 
   & go on, freshen up.

Life update It’s a sticky summer but recently I’ve been in the mood for hugs.

And I keep getting distracted during Comm III. Sorry.

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