/ dream?

There is nothing more important than learning how to dream.

We are mortal. We die. And the question of what we do with our time has been the question since the dawn of humankind. And the answer?

We can suffer all the injustices of life passively, swallow the norms and spit them back out with a thread of evolution. We can look to our elders and feel contentment. We find our direction in our books, the map to our life in our stories. We could: eat, laugh, drink, love, pray, scream, cry, love, love, and love.

(That’s the plot of your favorite movie).

Or we could dream.

There is nothing more important than learning how to dream.

If there is darkness, sniff out the light and hold on to it, fast. And say: you are the dark from which I will rise, and I will not let go. You are the starting point of my revolution.

Hold on to that skewed hope and unravel it inch by inch, look at how it unfolds. On one end a spectrum of opportunities, daring you to march ahead: read, write, travel, break apart-to struggle against your complacent role as watcher and make-believer, to break that ceiling you built with your own hand. And on the other side the promises of your work, the finished product of you but not you, your self but not your self -changed by a thousand experiences, inspired by a multitude of people, dreamt of and dreamed by and dreaming of.

There is nothing more important than learning how to dream.

Dream a future where you are who you have always been meant to be: unchallenged, limitless, beautiful. You are a goddess creating life, a trickster burning villages to the ground. You are the unstoppable force that builds empires and crushes men’s hearts.

Think of a child born with wings, the steady growth of regrowing limbs. Think of futures built on even older futures, time rewound and time unbound, growing and growing to embrace infinite possibilities. Think of leaps and trailblazing dares across all the fields we know and those beyond, a bank of knowledge so wide and so deep that there is no light to be seen.

Imagine yourself at your most, at your best, at your extremes. And imagine the whole world doing the same.


This is where it begins.

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