Movie: Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Yes, the one with the dogs.


As a growing tradition every Sunday night, I begin a movie at midnight in order to delay the coming Monday blues. Usually, I just watch whatever I happen to have at hand; I had many choices then, but I eventually landed on Disney’s Lady and the Tramp.

I had zero reservations about it. I’ve never watched it before, but I have watched its sequel –the one with that pup that looks like the Tramp. I can’t even recall the movie anymore, but what I do remember is me crying. Like, a lot. And that’s the kind of emotional relevance I was looking forward to in this film.

But back to the movie.

The animation is simple and the story is simplistic: girl is sheltered and beautiful, boy is a charming rough rascal. Girl gets scared (aided and abetted by boy) of something new to her life (i.e. there’s a new baby!), girl runs away and gets saved by boy. Just turn all of it to dogs and add one admittedly absurd scene with spaghetti, and you have the classic dog flick (together with The Fox and the Hound and 101 Dalmatians, of course).

But it’s strangely endearing and loveable. Even with the slow drawls and frankly irritating accents, the weird anthropomorphism (to the point of sexualisation) of children’s characters, the insulting sexist/racist roles and the dubious morality of conning other people, what the movie does positively offer are charming characters. At least, they definitely have their own lovely moments. Lady’s was her nose-in-the-air attitude after Tramp got her in a spot of trouble, and basically all of her cute naive moments, and her two neighbors were certainly ridiculous caricatures with their own little protective old-guy quirks. But Tramp —

The movie was a bit uncomfortable, because I never thought I’d ever have a crush on a dog: a technically flea-ridden, stray dog who eats leftovers from restaurants and has no regard for law & order. But at least I’m not the only one. The human characters Tony and that other guy were definitely fans of the Tramp (serving two dogs romantic Spaghetti, honestly?), and even Jim & Darling were eventual supporters.

Which lead to the highlight of the film: the very end, featuring a baby’s cute little bum, some three mini-Ladies and a mini-Tramp. The overexposure to cute might have killed me (except, you know, I began thinking about Lady and Tramp having sex, and just. No.)


Life update What am I doing with my life? Huhu. Finished PIDC 2014 ages ago, and now currently taking (required) summer classes. The subjects are interesting, but the summer heat while doing fieldwork out in Padre Faura or Pedro Gil is not doing my skin any favors. Ehem, Bio 115. Also training for UADC 2014 (exciting!!). I still love my family and my friends, though I have done several inadvisable things in the interim of this and my last actual post.

But seriously, Lady and Tramp. #landi and #daddykink because Lady was only 6 months old???

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