IWD + A Bone to Pick with Anti-Feminists


Women are awesome. I can’t really write a lot about IWD, since I failed to celebrate it this year (or every year since I learned about it, actually), but there is something I can say for or about women, and it began with these posts:

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 18.19.11

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 18.19.26

And here’s what I think:

Society has wrested decades and centuries and millennia of progress, freedom and mobility from the hands of women. We talk about our daughters stripped of the right to be educated, and then stripped from their clothes and prostituted instead. We hear only whispers of pioneers beyond Marie Curie, the wife of Pierre Curie, or Mary Shelley, the wife of Percy Bysshe Shelley. God-queens and women-kings, scientists and discoverers and pirates alike. Look to your foremothers who were taught to aspire only to marriage and was then used as coin: inspected, bartered and owned. What was due to women as humans, power-seeking men and men refusing change have taken again and again. You have razed our life to anonymity and you take what stories we have left and make it your own.

How dare you.

Now that we dare to reclaim our identity, you too dare to take it again. Do you feel oppressed when we say “feminism” instead of “gender equality”? Even when we fight for equality, you fight for yourself. Does it threaten you, that you have to clamour for defence against misandry? You say that feminism means anti-men. …well, yes. Against men and women and people like you.

This is not your story, and it shouldn’t be.


The Ateneo de Manila Secret Files is one of the many manifestations of “The Secret Files” community pages in the Philippines. People from that specific community, in this case students of higher education studying in the premiere and top Ateneo de Manila University, anonymously post rants, missed connections, cries for help et cetera by messaging the administrators.

The amount of reeducation people have to go through is unimaginable –not counting the gross use of pseudo-logic, but we’ll make it work.


Life Update I am such a rhetorical speaker. No meat whatsoever there. Waiting for a ride.

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