Foreigner: Pinoy Inability to Improve is due to Escapism

via Foreigner: Pinoy Inability to Improve is due to Escapism.


  1. It is valid to say that we are escapists, preferring to tolerate certain injustices to a certain point.
  2. The failure to act is either a product of failure to reach critical mass (that is, the needed number of people who are still willing to act) for change, or a product of ignorance and wrong education. It is probably both.
  3. More than to say we are escapists, who do not care about our reality because of the predispositions we have cultivated, it is stronger to conclude to deeper reasons and to discuss those as well… why are we indifferent and tolerant? I wager the answer lies in colonial mentality, westernisms and a lack of love for the country and for its people.
  4. Wow this website?? I have now discovered a new site to constantly nitpick and rant for or against.

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