Retro Diary: Europe 2010

Here we go.




(to make this whole mess easier for me)

  • First step in Europe and there’s nothing more evident than the fact that IT IS COLD and entirely alien.
  • Relax and breathe in… the scent of marijuana? Amsterdam is a city of cobbled roads, old sites and bicycles, cafes and red districts.
  • Sites to see: Anne Frank, malls, I heart Amsterdam, Van Gogh museum…
  • Having dinner with uncle Bob, who used to work in the DHL office in Bonn. Long time no see! :) And speaking of food times: BEER AND SAUSAGES!
  • An olympic park the size of infinity, and a chocolate museum with the best kind of freebies (I mean the chocolates).
  • Elevators and underground trains. The ongoing impression of fast-paced discipline. Also, hot accents.
  • Stop and stare: Schönbrunn Palace, and sweet delicacies in a cafe. (Stop and stare after walking a few miles, that is). Talking about Mozart and regretting the chocolates we bought. And other more worthy souvenirs, like bells and quills and stamp sets.
  • Spaced houses and infinity in grass. Trains speeding away through countries.
  • And a lack of good memory.
  • You could get lost in Venice. But it’s fine: there are lovely stores to keep you company (and we were lured in by genuine leather bags, couture masks and pasta).
  • Nothing would leave me as speechless as Musei Vaticani and Sistine Chapel. Art and history and culture wrapped in a single, crystal day.
  • Cliche moments: chasing pigeons, making a wish, riding a gondola, saying hello to the pantheon of artistic gods.
  • A birthday spent (expensively) memorably, from a quaint hotel to the expanse of the City of Love.
  • Welcome to the Louvre.
  • Sites to visit again and again: Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Louis Vuitton. ;)

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