/ don’t forget

When you have no inspiration or will to create, remember
that every word and every sigh escaping your mind, that every stroke and every line released by your hands, that every sound and every move your body makes is beautiful. Because you are beautiful. But, more honestly, because the world is made up of limitless beauty and we absorb all of it (we are the world looking at itself). We consume the molecules of symmetry, the forms of grand impossibility, and we reflect it back or keep it in: sometimes to magnify and cover the stretch of our universe, sometimes to conceal and hold precious, sometimes to confuse the rest of the world of its own identity (we are the world knowing itself).

Did you know that you are the universe? You, alone, singular, human. Have you grasped the reality of every fiber of your mortal coil? You are a child of stardust and supernovas, bright and breathtaking and chokingly tragic, the progeny of every genius and every revolution that has walked this earth. And remember that if you look through a microscope into your own skin you will find the ongoing and living perfection that is you, the product of eons of careful and purposeful evolution. You are the best you can possibly be, and yet you will still be better. Every muscle planned and destination laid out, but you hold the will of your feet and the mastery of your path. You will leave a legacy that crosses galaxies. You are the universe made infinite, stars etched in your soul. Don’t forget (we are the world learning to love itself).


Life update Yay we have a new tag! (w) ah , where we try to wax philosophical about things. This is shamelessly inspired by our most recent EB meeting for AIESEC, where we love to make, relate and tweet quotes.

That whole rhetoric up there is the actual reason why I’m in biology (aside from the whole medicine future thing). I absolutely dislike biology as a science, because unlike chemistry or math or physics, no amount of building knowledge foundations would help (in Math, knowing how to do PEMDAS properly already solves 30% of every problem). Biology requires comprehensive knowledge of species and taxonomic groups that may or may not have anything in common, because of nifty little things like degeneration and evolution and polyphyletic groups.

So. I take biology as a life and universe appreciation course, because nothing highlights your simultaneous awesomeness and insignificance in the grand scheme of things better than finding fuzzy arthropods adorable.


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