lazy sunday morning

words are not the sword
that i would drive against you 
blood, knives, tooth and nail

Me in my head, to that adjudicator and to that guy
and to my failures.

MINT 2014 :( Our awesome team (UPM I Deserve an Explanation) did not break. Which is not ideal, but acceptable under the strange circumstances, et cetera. We will definitely do better.

+ I saw Mikee and Kara and Crissy and Kitty! SSC Debate Society memories. Plus hearts. :)

I should be going there right now, since it’s Day 2 and finals rounds are always a pleasure to watch. And three teams from UPM broke/got into the finals rounds (amazing, right????) so I should be showing support. And lots of adjudicators too! But I move alarmingly slow on Sundays. I am sorry. I am on my way

— I’ve been awake since 7AM, so weird —

I have to study worms for the lecture exam tomorrow as well. So I should probably leave the tournament after dropping by for a bit… :)

HUHU. In other news, a building maybe two streets over was on fire around 9AM. :( I stepped out of the balcony and saw all of these firetrucks whizzing by, as well as inhaled some smoke and clouded my eyesight with actual smoke.

In other news (again), I am quite happy with this year’s Valentine’s. Not so happy about the status of my pocket or the fat I’m accumulating, but happy enough because friends, self-love, and happiness.

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