Vlog Progress

We have to understand that the progress of my vlog for Korea (vlog = video blog, to be uploaded in my Youtube channel (yes, I have one, only all of them are locked videos) and embedded here) is non-existent. Because my video making skills range from Windows Movie Maker to iMovie. :< I’ve begun something in Adobe Premiere but I overestimated my skills, haha! So here’s an idiotic profile full of my face instead, to go with the pictures in my travel masterlist. I can’t update it yet with Korea because I don’t have an actual blog post about it yet. :< s i g h 

Once again, a big HUG AND THANK YOU TO MOTHER. Without her support and dreams and hard work, we definitely would not have gone to SK last year. And my birthday would have been spent in a debut *shudders*. AND THANK YOU, infinitely, TO MY SISTER, who also has a Wordpress blog around the internet. It is because of her magical camera skills that my face and my #ootd are released to the world. Thank you to my roommate, who enrolled for me! >:)< 

So. Is anyone willing to help with my vlog? =)) It’s like. I have so many videos, maybe 10 of them even clips of me talking and sharing. But I have no idea how to weave them together. (Sad face). (This was a rhetorical question). 


Life update Studying and eating my second dinner in 10 minutes. :) Thank you to the awesome people who give feedback on my blog, it makes me feel part of the greater universe.

Random Quote

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.

-Albert Einstein

I think there’s nothing more important than knowing how to dream –and that’s also partly the reason why mother works so hard to bring us to see the world. Knowing how to dream makes us all the more eager to work for life and to remember that no matter happens, the world is infinitely beautiful. It’s worth it. We know that no matter where we end up in, the Philippines is still home, the Filipino people still our first and best love. 

[AGAIN JUST KIDDING the point of this post was to show different angles of my face to the undeserving public.]

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