aside/ a nice healthy outpouring of emotions

tweeted “in the mood for murder”

that is to say, i would like to kill every single member of humanity i encounter in the next couple of minutes, and in all honesty it is only the tediousness of clean-up and law evasion that restrains me, because:

there are people who speak so loudly

or who enter rooms

or who just exist for some god damn reason

— and they interrupt any attempts of me taking a fucking 15 minute nap. is that too much to ask for, is me sleeping too much to ask for, what the hell are these people even on?

why do i even have a room in the first place if people can just barge in,

if sounds and sights can filter in through a screen or a fucking open door,

where are my earphones




? ? ?

Why are there no business hours to social interaction. This is me time. This is social interaction through social media and text only time. This is not let’s look at each other in the face and breathe the same air time.

Tonight I can aid in the murder of humanity, while I work. Hello.

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