the opportunity is out there

the opportunity is out there;

you just have to take it.


Several people have asked me: Why AIESEC? Why Exchange? And sometimes I answer that it’s because I want to change my life and the life of others. I want to put myself in a different world, even if it’s just for one summer. I want to impact lives and create waves across the Philippines and Asia and the world. Sometimes I say it’s about leadership, and finding that niche where you can grow and help others become leaders as well. 

But then sometimes my answers are not enough. So this is what I say to you now —most people are looking for something. Love, life, opportunity? Whatever. Maybe the chance to be taken as a stranger and fall in love with an entirely different culture (or, you know, its people). Maybe it’s the burning desire to do something tangible, to see the grateful smile of a foreign child or student or patient, the appreciative laughter of fellow strangers you’ve begun to call siblings.  

It just so happens that for me, and for the thousands of people who have gone on or are interested in AIESEC exchange, what I want and what I need is offered by AIESEC. It’s the platform I’ve been looking for.  

And don’t get me wrong. I’ve asked about the practicalities. But that’s not a problem. I’m a biology pre-med student looking for leadership and hungry for an adventure, and (surprise!) there are health internships just waiting for me in South Africa. If I take the risk. If I’m willing to work for it.  

And I am. Are you? Go on an exchange. Change your summer. Ask yourself, where to next? 



We are Generation Global!

Your most awaited opportunity to experience exchange participation is within your reach! Redefine your summer experience. Get the chance to volunteer abroad and impact lives. 

Take your generation to a global level with AIESEC! 

How? Simply sign-up for the second batch of orientation at happening on January 2014.  




I fell in love with debating in high school, and I never really fell out of love with it (though we did take a long break last year). It’s the thrill of the argument, the heartbreak of losing, the incomparable feeling of winning a round and the family that brings me back to the conference room again and again. I’m highlighting “family” because that’s what UP Manila Debate Circle is: open to any and all quirks, and openly unashamed of molding you higher and better. 

Omnia supra ratio. 

For more details on how to join UPMDC, please contact Inna Castillo at 09173513562. be honest 
i just wanted to put my face here in higher res. 
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