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(1) Correction: you can also paint.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 23.52.44

This canvas has been waiting for me for a very long time now. I’m positively itching to fill it up. :) /hello room again, i have missed you/


(2) AIESEC and Debate and life has eaten up my actual life for the past few weekends. It’s time to get it back! I haven’t painted in quite a while, definitely not this semester, but I might actually have the time for it tomorrow. Yay. Quick share: there used to be a time that I brought my paints and brushes to manila condo. But then Biogyugan happened (I lost all of my brushes, and they were a lot :< )

(3) Not helping paint my Bio friends for the annual full body thematic painting contest really made me realize how rusty I was. Even if I did help, I had zero creativity and finesse to do things properly! Haha. Quick share: congrats to my Bio friends for doing really well! Tim received awards and everything.

Life update had the first SUM with the Limitless batch of AIESEC earlier (fun, finance was a horror, etc), spent some time doing nothing and sleeping!!, studying for Bio 116 lec and Chem 40 this weekend + shopping and family fun times

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