Life Update, yay

Me in my blogging state. Right now awesome Ate Risa is in the condo with me. :) We are waiting for the family to come and whisk us away for Sunday bonding times. /Actually we took a “buy Chippy and Coke” break in the middle of writing this blog/


Life update:

  1. Once again conflicted by the expansion of a multinational apparel brand into the Philippines. :) because this means that the Philippines is growing economically, and has ratings that appear as an asset to such big companies, but then again :( because now I have to find a clothing brand that would be more exclusive and selectively accessible. Sigh hi H&M #elitista 
  2. My time recently has been 70% AIESEC, 20% acads, 8% Debate and maybe 2% relaxation. Oops. Must do something about acads soon! But it’s so weird, haha. I’m getting all of the reference materials right now, downloading lectures and copying eBooks, but I neither have the will to study or the idea of where to start. I actually made a reviewer for Bio 116 already, but god knows what or how I’ll absorb all of those words. And hello, debate, sorry for attending training only once last week. And I need to check out my PIDC and UADC availability and funds. Need higher and more balanced #productivity
  3. But, you know. It’s all worth it. You really see what effect you’ll have on other people. Love recruitment. Looking forward to exchange. AIESEC #impact
  4. Check this link out: How Not to Waste Your Life at School. I liked reading it because (most of) my life choices were reaffirmed. There’s a reason why I’m into AIESEC and into debate (and not so much into school, but magna cum laude at the end of the day is the goal, promise!). I slightly disagree with what #3 is implying. Medicine or science isn’t necessarily my passion, but I’m good at it (or just school in general), and being stable in the future sure is my goal. Being passionate is something you can do without making it your entire focus, I think. Try #multitasking
  5. I may or not be having issues with my, uhm, journey into the self. Teehee. But the layers of concealer on my face are doing wonders for my appearance. Medyo #kalat
  6. Listening to One Direction’s Midnight Memories. I have no opinion whatsoever, except on the beauty of their faces. /though I think I like the album, maybe? Zero musicality whatsoever. #1D
  7. Spent maybe half a day looking through the reviews and products of Alunsina last week. My collection of notebooks suddenly felt empty. And they can be personalized! Thanks to my sisterfriend for mentioning them to me. Huhu #cryz
  8. Okay so I might be pushing for the usability of hashtags on wp. Sorry. It’s just for the aesthetics.

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