It has recently come to my attention that I type quite loudly. I refuse. Well, is there any real way to quantify -without comparative analysis, but rather via a standard- the definition of “noisy” vis-a-vis typing? But even if: it’s not my fault. It’s my laptop’s (Bucky’s).

Also some other things:

  • I am quite sleepy, but not yet asleep. That’s a wonder in itself, honestly.
  • I’ll be seeing UPM and a friend and the dregs of society again (we’ll be partly commuting). And I’ll be parting with some treasure. Something.
  • I’ve spent the day alternately sleeping, painting a wooden frame, watching my calorie intake, eating food, walking kilometers, skipping rope, doing sit-ups and planks, making party decors from art paper and amazing japanese paper. Busy busy day.
  • But sleeping took up maybe 70%.
  • And eating a nice solid 20%.
  • The rest was like, 50% left.
  • Don’t look at me I didn’t exactly get a 1.00 grade in Math 100.

And I’ve taken to slightly stalking the youtube videos of some other youtubers like Troye Sivan and Zoella (I always saw them at the periphery of JacksGap and Tyler Oakley and etc). So my sister and I were discussing earlier that it would be nice if we could also be “Professional Youtubers” or whatever, being sponsored and partnered and things.

If I had my own yt channel I’d probably just be my vain and verbose self, talking about everything and anything under the sun (except for my feelings and personal life, but still). Still not sure what this hypothetical format would be, though…

That is all.

Also awesomesauce.

Also I’ve just realized that I am, in fact, not a bunny. I am a human being who occasionally moonlights as a slug. I think ???

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