Birthday Prep (not too early?)


Birthday preparations! (1) Fixing South Korea visa for our trip, which is surprisingly easy in the sense that it is free and appointment-less, but not so much on the somewhat long list of requirements –I didn’t do that much for the US Visa, I think– and (2) Deciding on Maxims for college friends and Makati Shangri-la for HS friends? Or vice-versa. Their deluxe suites may suffice but I don’t know how to fit all those people in one or two admittedly big bed(s).

Like, the rooms seem big enough for staying up late in: pics for Maxims and for Shang. Just the issue of overspending. Again and forever and always. But so excited to go to the spa or eat or watch a movie or go swimming or or or.

Also I cannot wait until we are all legal to fly somewhere. By we, I mean my friends. And until we are all rich enough.

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