Restaurant: Tito Chef


Rating: 3.5/5

Food: Palatable, but not very exciting or memorable

Ambiance and design: Lovely, and quite possibly the highlight of the place

Prices: Affordable (relatively) 

Location: Reachable, moderate traffic on a Saturday night. They have their own parking spaces. 

Extras: A bakeshop (with not so good reviews) and a basement culinary shop (cute!) 

Review: The restaurant was relatively full. The main attraction that probably brought them –and us– to Tito Chef was the very muted, classy art deco feel. There was soft music playing in the background as we were attended to by polite servers. The menu had good design; the food, while presented well, wasn’t so appetizing to look at as the pictures.

The food itself left a lot to be desired. I don’t understand how the restaurant could boast of its founding chef (he had a spread on the back of the menu) when the food was so bland and dry. We ordered the Salmon Tartare, which was around 300 pesos, for our starter dish. It was raw and tasty with spice, but not very special for a best-seller.

I ordered a simple Carbonara Rustica (the meal was, admittedly, my second dinner). My aunt’s McCormick carbonara tasted better than the one we bought for P190. The sauce, which glistened with some oil, was actually pretty creamy, and the parmesan added an appreciable burst of flavor. But the meal was too dry; the bread served with the pasta was too hard to be a compliment to the already too creamy pasta. I would have preferred softer bread. My sister’s pesto was similarly not very exciting. A frequent comment that went around the table was that we could have cooked a better meal with a Clara Ole mix. The pork salad was also uneventful. I ended up picking out the tomatoes to munch on and ignoring the greens and their unidentifiable sauce. 

Perhaps next time we’ll order one of the 1000-peso entrees, such as the steak, to appreciate what Tito Chef is all about. For now, it’s not a very big deal to me. 


Tito Chef 

Restaurant and all things culinary

2 President’s Avenue, Sucat, Paranaque City

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