Heyyy I’m so out of it

because apparently summer classes are not easy, and hopes of a stressless life are just, you know. Hopes. 

I anticipated this summer semester with an enthusiasm and optimism I now look back on with incredulity. I had so many dreams and ideas, all frankly unfeasible :( I had

  • entertained studying a fit Spanish language semi-intensive course in Instituto Cervantes. I researched the hell out of the program; the dates and meetings and schedules all matched with my main studies. It was cheap, and the lessons were a few minutes away in Kalaw. 
  • thought of being more nationalistic and patriotic, going to local tourist sites every Saturday (from Intramuros to the Mind Museum).
  • prayed of saving money 

but I — 

can’t breathe. It’s ridiculous. It’s only been six days, with two of those only half-days, and yet I am absolutely beat. It makes me anxious and hungry all the time. I want to stress buy 24/7. And that’s really counter-productive.


We’ve only got three subjects this semester: Chem 31, Chem 31.1 and Soc Sci I. Eight units in 20 days means each day lasts from 7:30 in the fucking morning to 4:15 in the hilariously stiflingly hot afternoon. Scratch that. The morning weather is even more unforgivable. There are no air conditioners for lab work. 

So far everything is understandable, but also regrettably fast. It’s like. There’s a test in two days and another test the day after and then another the week later and then it goes on and on and on. There is no respite (not when you have only 20 days). So even though Organic Nomenclature is fun to learn and practice (more so than Structure of Organic Compounds, which is the lec counterpart), it’s also very daunting as you have to squeeze in all of the isopropyls and methyls and aldehydes and group priorities in the span of days. 

As a consequence I am studying more now than I ever did for the regular semester classes. I go home, sleep, then crack open my notebook to revise and re-digest. Not the best way to spend the summer; the only things I have going for me are the few vacation days (thanks Sir Biads!), the prospect of rewatching IM3 and watching STXII, and Hong Kong and Divisoria at the end of this long and hot tunnel.  

The professors aren’t perfect, but I suppose I’m not complaining? I am a bit, nevermind, but I’m too lazy to expound on it. Some other time. 


Another thing I’m balancing with the rest of everything is moving into a condo unit with one of my college friends, Junel, who is awesome and hopefully won’t regret the decision to lodge with me. 

I’m so excited. Unfortunately I still have many hopes for this one –cooking regularly, keeping things clean. I’m sure I’ll be at least partially disappointed in time.

We’ve even begun a roommate agreement and stuff.

Enlistment and the UP System

While I don’t want to be stuck with my block for all classes until the end of time, I have to say that I do miss the pre-enlisted block scheme we had the previous semesters. It makes things so much easier. I am so scared that I won’t get into any program at all; what happens then?

And I’ll be late reg for PE, as I made the stupid mistake of pre-enlisting the wrong fucking choice. 


Okay this is me putting into writing: I will make the effort to join UPMDC, Gabriela Youth, Pahinungod and Karatula. It’s not just resume padding. It’s me feeling incomplete and completely useless and non-contributive.

So there. That’s what I’m balancing. Aside from the issues in the other posts I’m working on. 



(actually can’t sleep because I slept earlier ugh)

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  1. Update: UPMDC is a go. I’m not as cool for the other orgs yet. :(

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