Life Goals and other drugs

I was supposed to title this Wishlist… but then I realized that a wish is something that is “not easily attainable; cannot or probably will not happen” and that simply would not do.

I’d like to be

  1. A person of indeterminate morality but easily quantified status
  2. An executive assistant of someone somewhere important
  3. A medical doctor
  4. A professor
  5. A columnist/ published person of note

I will acquire

  • A comfy knit sweater
  • Plain dresses, especially plain white ones!
  • Versatile brown (more dark than light) strappy/sandal wedges
  • Laptop shell
  • or better yet, that jelly covering for a 13″ MacBook Pro keyboard
  • More make-up. Currently looking at: smashbox foundation, The Face Shop concealer, brow master, hot kiss lip stamp, and mango-scented hand cream, Happy Skin lippie
  • A tablet, gosh; probably the iPad mini or a Lenovo Yoga Pro
  • Gym bag
  • Boxes to hold my notebooks in, ha
  • Yoga mat
  • That travel bag which can be carried or wheeled
  • Folder/bag/pouch for traveling papers! I saw one before in Cotton On, and another one in Aldo
  • More notebooks!
  • New swimwear sets for the summer, gosh
  • Make-up brushes! (because I watched Michelle Phan once, and now.)
  • A new keyboard! At least 61 keys, touch sensitive/ graded response.
  • Shoes! Currently craving for wedges with big straps and stuff
  • discipline of some sort

I will

  1. Skydive
  2. Bungee jump
  3. Surf Ish? I think my “surfing” (more like body board or whatever) experience in Bali counts
  4. Learn how to bike
  5. Learn how to swim, gosh
  6. Gamble in Las Vegas
  7. Enter a strip club
  8. Enter a strip club ‘for men’
  9. Watch a broadway show
  10. Watch another broadway show
  11. Watch Cirque de Soleil again
  12. Reach Africa, gosh
  13. Go on a medium-length cruise
  14. Learn how to drive — done, but I still can’t conquer my nerves!!
  15. Knit a sweater
  16. Fly first class by myself
  17. Fly first class by myself repeatedly
  18. Have a full body massage
  19. Secret (how am I supposed to remember this????) Edit (26.04.2014): I forgot, what was this ugh
  20. Learn how to cook Edit (26.03.2014): just follow the recipe, even if it takes five hours

to be continued

One Comment Add yours

  1. Clyde Lied says:

    “forgotten secret” LOL – been there, done that. (Yeah I’m weird too.)

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