I’ve got so many topics queued up in my blog to-write roll; here’s a little self-involved breather.

  1. It’s (almost) Valentine’s Day! And as such, I’m going out with some college friends for a Valentine’s Eve dinner of some sort. However, it’s also Ash Wednesday, so I had to opt out of some bonding activities (i.e. going to mass). I’m still waiting for their session to end, then I’ll meet up with them. 
  2. My academic life is as it ever was. Repetitive, improving, and yet somehow fulfilling. I’ve got a quiz tomorrow (as usual), but because of the grace of god our only class tomorrow is from 1 pm to 3 pm. 
  3. The rest of the day is devoted to some sort of Alternative Learning fair. UP System wide, and also club-oriented (I think). I am kind of excited about it, as I really need to work on my extracurriculars soon.
  4. swam two full laps of american crawl earlier; I think that’s the first time I’ve ever actually done it! But quite hopelessly I am 18 laps away from the ideal (though my practicals in swimming are in the range of 1.25, so I am still happy).
  5. Since Ate Risa –our awesome housemaid who’s been with us for around 19 years– doesn’t really read this blog, I can write about some good news… We’re going to Hong Kong this summer, with her! I don’t suppose I wrote about it before, but I was with Ate Risa when she applied for her passport just last year. I am excited about it, haha.

I can’t really think of anything else I’d like to write about for the mean time. When I next blog –which is hopefully soon — I’ll have essays and opinions and briefers on Philippine debate, life, issues on women and church, anecdotes on my fledgling swimming career and my DLSU moments, a critique of our Psych 10 module, and an update on my 8+ movies to watch and 2+ tv show seasons to explore.

Update 5 hours later. This is what happened: (it was fun and expensive, yay!)


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