Green and blue is for you and you


In a manner as subtle as a ten-wheeler cruising down a highway (meaning, not very subtly at all) I managed to taint my beautiful maroon blood with a dash of De La Salle green. That’s right. My family is probably shuddering in distaste (they all consider themselves pro-Ateneo and anti-La Salle). Our Psych 10 class –which for some reason I’ve been mentioning with growing frequency– was cancelled last Friday afternoon, leaving me in the unusual position of freedom.

I met up with two high school friends in the Taft-based university after commuting in the heat, passing by my high school for some records (and an ill-advised purchase of memorabilia) and waiting for an hour or so. It was their University Week/Fair something, and the theme that day was Free Friday (? not sure). The point is that outsiders were allowed (for a fee of course). I rode a questionably fun caterpillar roller coaster baby –which probably caused me residual neck pain, bought a tumbler (see what I mean? I don’t even go to that school; fundraising projects from their USG are not my concern) and an actual to god La Salle shirt. When am I ever going to wear that? (This question is answered in the next paragraph.) I also saw several former classmates from 3-Service/ 4-Stewardship, an incredible number of batchmates, some SSC alumni and current high school students and even a current blockmate.


The archer spirit (do people even say that?) continued until the day after. We had our Chem 14 exam in the morning of that Saturday, and since it finished early, I had time enough to visit my friend. Again. But it was slightly more convenient and actually purposeful. I watched her debate in the Manila Intervarsity National Tourney hosted by the UP-M Debate Circle. In a show of solidarity and support I wore my new Animo La Salle shirt; I completely forgot that there were UP-M students actually competing in that tournament, haha. Whatever. It was fun in a way. I really do miss debate, though I don’t necessarily miss debating. Yet. *My friend Mikee and her team advanced until the quarters; that’s brilliant, by the way, as she was a freshman whip against more seasoned college debaters.

There ends my soul’s exposure to La Salle things, with my body lighter and poorer and my heart exhausted by extensive social interaction.

The blue thing (eloquent, aren’t I?) occurred later that Saturday. It was a very busy weekend. Relatively.

I got an opportunity to swim around and practice my american crawl/backstroke/diving skills, all thanks to my younger cousin’s swimming birthday party. The place was pretty neat; it was Flamingoes Resort (I think?) in Marikina City, and the closed off or private section we enjoyed was pretty comfortable for a bunch of 10 year-old party goers (plus me).

At that time I still didn’t get the hang of american crawl. I suppose I still haven’t right now, but I know I’m improving! According to our instructor, we need to improve on our self-confidence and endurance, and I heartily agree.

Though what I am so apprehensive about is our swimming finals. We’re given the chance to take our finals any meeting now, and then we can slack off for the rest of the meetings. Unfortunately, the finals consist of twenty laps each of backstroke and american crawl. That is not a joke.

What’s on my to-watch list?

I’ve got all Star Wars movies rearing to go in my files, as well as Looper (though I should watch that with Ate Risa, as I promised) and The Princess Bride (as part of my classic movies indocrination –is that not a word?). I’ve also tasked myself with following the tv shows Young Justice, Suits and Once Upon a Time.

I am sleepy, so the serious stuff can wait until next time. (And by serious stuff I mean my reactions on the Pope’s resignation, the surge of anti-misandry campaigns, propaganda in education, Philippine elections, observances in Lent, and other current events.

On a side note, have I mentioned I like the new design of wordpress? The menus, log-in, whatever features are smoother and sleeker. Amen.

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