(Un)Expected Things

Well, hello again.

#1 One Direction

(It’s a new day when the first on my list is a British pop boy band.)

I was helpless to resist. I was happily browsing through youtube, enjoying inadvisable amounts of the Ellen Show clips and live performances of Beyonce, when suddenly a “Best Moments” kind of video appeared on my recommendations bar. It was on One Direction, and I (now regretfully) clicked it.

It doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. I’m not obsessed or anything, but I have watched more behind-the-stage videos and interviews than I ever thought I would. They’re all just so funny and cute, gah. They aren’t even the best singers or performers. But they are brilliant. And British, have I mentioned that?

I’d put a nice gratuitous picture of the boy band, but (1) I might end up making an entire folder for them on my laptop, god, and (2) who doesn’t know them??

*A memory tip to those who, like me, are one year late to the international phenomena: Niall’s the blond one with the Irish acccent, Liam’s with the eyebrow business, Zayn is the one with darker complexion and very tall hair, Harry’s the one who sings the chorus/ has the fluffy curls and Louis’ wears stripes and possibly sings the least.

**And a link of weirdness and awesome mixed together, a cartoon featuring 1D by Mark Parsons called The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction. I may or may not have watched it twice.

#2 Brilliant Teachers

(Not to speak too soon, but there may be a more decent turn-out this semester.)

Even though I am still trying to get my lazy ass together and to become marginally more productive, I feel slightly more confident this semester with regards to my studies. Why? As the header suggests, it’s because most of our classes now have an actual teacher-student dynamic going on. Our teachers are mostly engaging and unapproachable, and even if we don’t get it yet, at least they make the effort to bring the point across. People actually explain things to us. :O Yay! *Disclaimer: there are still some less than useful teachers, though.

#3 Holiday Greens

(I’ve still got some cash, and isn’t that a pleasant surprise.)

My birthday money is virtually untouched, and I am very, very proud of that. I didn’t even buy a single notebook since I last posted, though I did buy that tiny little notepad. It was only 70 bucks, though, so that doesn’t count.

Barring any stupidity on my part, I expect my metaphorical wallet to get thicker and fuller as Christmas comes. Naturally I hope it’s the same for everyone, especially for my family (*cue self-conscious laughter).

#4 Late Productivity

(No need to blink in surprise, but I beg to blame Christmas.)

Our classes resumed on the 12th of November and will end on the 13th of December for the first bit of the second semester. That’s a month’s worth of classes, barely enough to bring us all out of the semestral break and into studies, let alone is it long enough to make another break a distant reality.

The point is, the fact that another two week break is coming up makes it a lot harder to prioritize. I can practically feel myself getting fatter and more lethargic in the spirit of Christmas. How anyone expects us to study, I don’t know.

#5 An Investment

(All the times and all those hours; it must be worth it in the end.)

I am investing a lot of things (at least for my record) in these things called friendships. It’s somewhat refreshing.

#6 Goals Met and Made

(It’s nice to feel a sense of accomplishment and responsibility, even if it’s only for yourself.)

I have been steadily working on my life goal, and I could say I am moderately successful. Folding my bedsheets, check (no, seriously. It used to be such a problem –and little steps). Eating healthier foods, check. Eating breakfast every day, check. Finishing my list of things to do, check (mostly). Going outside more, check. Exercising everyday, check. Toning down the internet use, hmm. Sleeping for 6+ house every day, nope.

And made:

I recently created several folders in my ARTS file, and they are entitled “Lessons” and “<Artists’ Name>” and “<Tutorial Name>”. In short, I’m planning to learn more about art, again, but this time with more structure and hopefully with more success. I’ve been trying for ages to become more skillful in drawing people, but I never practiced. So. I’ll change that this time around, because now I have a schedule and lots of books and tutorials downloaded from the wonderful, wonderful web.

#7 TV Shows

(It’s a little box with much sway on me. How many hours I’ve spent for these.)

The fact that I’m watching Western TV Shows shouldn’t come as a surprise still, as I’ve been doing the same for a while now. HOWEVER:

It was unexpected how much I enjoy watching The X Factor USA. I wait for clips to be uploaded every week because I love watching them sing (or sing terribly). I especially endorse Carly Rose Sonenclar, a 13 year old singer who has a really unique and powerful voice, and Emblem3, who just looks cute and laidback.

Certain news on Merlin came to my attention, and while it wasn’t improbable, it was a surprise. Season 5 will be the last ever for the hit show, and even now, two or three or whatever number of episodes left, Arthur still does not know about Merlin’s magic. I mean, come on. Where are the writers even going with this?

I’m still in like with Once Upon a Time, and am faithfully following it. I am really enamored with the way the writers arranged the different deconstructions together. The insertion of different foreshadowing and symbolic elements were really well-done. Definitely looking forward to next week’s undoubtedly interesting episode.

*Start watching X Factor USA with Carly Rose’s latest, an unsurprisingly brilliant cover of Justin Bieber’s As Long as You Love Me.

#8 Big Screen Must-Sees

(How we react to media’s plays: Rise of the Guardians, Cloud Atlas?, The Hobbit and Star Trek.)

I find myself disappointed with myself. Why? Instead of watching Rise of the Guardians or even Cloud Atlas, I watched 24/7 in Love, an ensemble Philippine flick. A romantic comedy. My mother wanted me to watch it with her, but that is still no excuse. The Hobbit is almost upon us –that’s on the 13th– and I really must watch RotG before then, if only to get less of an overload and antsy feeling. On The Hobbit: it’s weird that I still haven’t finished rereading the book. It’s been several weeks and I’m stuck on the last leg. Obviously, I’d have to finish that before the curtains are up. 

An announcement trailer for Star Trek Into the Darkness also just came out. It was beautiful. I could see why they spent so long making the sequel. I can only hope that the script is just as promising; I’d hate another maltreatment of Uhura and plot development in general.

*No idea on what character Cumberbatch plays in Star Trek.

#9 Last

As I like nine better than eight, and also, I didn’t proofread this, so excuse me for any mistakes.

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  1. “I didn’t proofread this, so excuse me for any mistakes.” Yup, I found at least one typo. :)) Helloooo.

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