Comics: A-Babies vs X-Babies


Look at Iron Man’s nappy! And Magneto’s helmet looks like it has a bow. And Thor’s lisp! There’s just too many cute.

Marvel’s newest one-shot (not to be confused or associated with the more adult AvX event) is set in Marvelous Meadows, and it features a stand-off between all our favorite characters. I don’t even care about the story, or the technical details (though on both ends this comic definitely gets a golden star). It’s just. The cuteness. :O Baby Logan’s teeny butt! Scott’s nefariousness! Avengers Assemble (but only if you’re allowed)! Huhu. I didn’t see Charles Xavier, though, and I’m not sure what Pietro was doing with Wanda so vulnerable.

I say this is the perfect cure for any woe. Many hours this break will probably be used identifying all characters and cooing at them.




Photo scanned from the issue; property of Marvel Characters, Inc. 

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  1. Give meeee/ teach me where to download that reader of yours haha

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