Coffeeshop Diaries #1


I was about to title this post as /HIPSTER DIARIES/, but then I realized that I am severely under-qualified to be a hipster. Values independent thinking? Check. Loves counter-culture, progressive politics, yada yada? Check. Hipster clothes?

Uh, not in this century.

So I am resolved to label this and all the following posts by the single factor I share in common with Homo sapiens sapiens hipstersis (obviously I don’t know how to write scientific names): the proclivity and compulsive desire to stay in a coffee shop while looking cool.

*No offense meant to hipsters or Starbucks or coffee enthusiasts who do not like the associations I am making.

**Diary entries will be tagged Coffee Diaries

***Main post of the day is definitely more substantial: rants


Dear Diary, 

My mission to become even remotely hipster-like was a fail, as I am now in line to buy a croissant and a frappuccino from Starbucks, the bane of all anti-mainstream hipsters. Coffee Bean and Figaro were just as full, and Krispy Creme is as mainstream as Starbucks (I guess).

So here I am to spend roughly a million bucks to buy some consumables to-go (and there goes another failure in my dreams). I even have a copy of Game of Thrones, which is sufficiently subculture as it is part of “reading the book, not watching the movie” counter-trend.

Off to go back to my dorm, where I will hang outside my room for everyone to see my piece of sugary coffee.

— Jari

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