Show Review: Teen Wolf

MTV’s Teen Wolf is one of those shows that no one in my social net actually knows and watches. Its massive fanbase is pretty existent though, so I can attest that it has a lot of merits (just basically underappreciated /unheard of in my real life). I DEVOURED THE WHOLE SEASON 2 IN A DAY. SO.

The Plot

Welcome to Beacon Hills, where houses that stand due to sheer force of will are not condemned. [That’s the incredibly ugly and crazy Kate Argent with her hunter lackeys.] 
The show is based on the same-titled 1985 movie, which I’ve never watched fully so I’ll stop mentioning it now. The premise of the whole show is that the world of the supernatural exists (with accompanying hunters, good guys and evil baddies) and for some reason all of these supernatural events happen in the small, relatively normal county of Beacon Hills, California. 

The main “teen wolf”, Scott, starts out the same way as almost any other teen show character: a loser, benched permanently in lacrosse, asthmatic, only has one friend, no girlfriend, somewhat stupid and with a nontraditional family background. His best (and arguably only) friend, Stiles, is pretty much the same, only less stupid and with a side of ADHD. One night, after trekking through the woods in search of the half-body of a murdered person (Stiles is the son of the Sheriff, and is naturally impulsive about these kinds of things), Scott is mauled by a beast/mountain lion/*cough*werewolf*cough*. The next day, Scott suddenly does acrobatics in lacrosse, stops being asthmatic, and snags the pretty transfer student as his girlfriend. 

Enter Derek Hale, who lives in the burned-out Hale family house in the outskirts of the town next to the woods. He’s broody, he doesn’t like teenagers in his property and, most importantly, he’s a werewolf. He helps Scott control his inner wolf, but because Scott is a teenager who’s got some pretty uninformed ideas, he doesn’t want any help from the person who “turned” him. Don’t be fooled. It’s not Derek. It’s another alpha werewolf. 

The search for the rogue alpha (who goes on to kill a lot of other people related to the burning of the Hale family house) is basically the whole plot of the first season. 

It gets better in season 2. Trust me. 


Watch it! I know the presentation of the plot above isn’t so convincing, but Teen Wolf is seriously a fun show to pass the time with. 

The characters are all very lovable. Allison, Scott’s girlfriend, is kick-ass (she’s from the hunter family, so she knows how to wield a crossbow). Stiles is an adorable human being, who cares too much and researches with mad skills (I honestly don’t know how he gets so much info from google). Mr. Teen Wolf Scott is a veritable puppy, whereas Derek Hale is a broody “sour wolf” who only needs some love. Other primary characters are just as multi-faceted and surprisingly likable: Lydia (Stiles’ crush and apparent popular girl) acts like she’s the stereotypical queen bee but is an actual genius who knows archaic Latin. Jackson, her partner, is an insecure little lizard who deserves a lot of hugs. There’s also Danny, who is perfect. 

Even the cast in real life is just huggable! :) I don’t know; they just seem like so much fun. Unlike in Glee, most of the cast are still somewhat in the age range of high school students.

What else…?

By way of plot depth it’s not really that complex. In fact, most things are clearly delineated from each other. What makes it so interesting is the development of the different characters. The show makes some people cry in the process; it’s just that well-done.

And because it’s a show in MTV, there are guaranteed moments of stupidity. Those are the best ones to watch. 

This one was too funny. :) They’re scenting a person, so Scott is basically a glorified scout dog.
This is Derek. He is almost always shirtless or in a leather jacket. It must be a werewolf thing.

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  1. Still can’t get over that sniffing scene hahaha.

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