Studying in Minutes


Hello. The time is 23:02, the day Thursday, and I have yet to study for two exams: a long test in Geology and a quiz in History. Both have heavy weight in my current academic career, and yet here I am about to cram it. The reason? I’m not really sure; maybe it was because I was left tired from the Math Departmental Exam earlier, or because I was lazy or well. It’s my fault, and I can’t say I won’t repeat it. I digress.  

The reason or rationale behind this post, on the other hand, is very clear to me (naturally). I’m going to track my progress as the minutes go by. I’m not sure if this will motivate me at all, but I suppose anything to break the monotony would be helpful. I could go and update my status on twitter, but I suspect that would irritate the two followers I currently have. Ha.  

In the next few minutes, I’ll update how much I’ve conquered by means of Geology (definitions, Earth, minerals) and History (18 pages of Renato — one day I’ll write my favorite quotes from the book, though I unfortunately didn’t mark them all).  


Opening my trusty notebook for Geo. Let’s do this. :) Oooh wait. Set the earphones and music to the Super Soundtrack. 


Whoops. 33 minutes later and I only managed to take on ten pages of notes. That, and arrange my “Just Study” soundtrack, which is basically the Avengers + X-Men First Class + Iron Man I soundtracks put together. I am also simultaneously acquiring some Teen Wolf season 2 episodes.

Current battle plan: Finish the next five sheets or so on minerals, then start reading the History assignment, and finally review a bit on Geo and read the Geo manual. I am very glad we won’t be covering the several pages or so we already tackled on rocks. It is now 23:41. There went my two minutes. 


Three pages left to go in my study of minerals (using my notebook)! I am so excited. Haha. ;) 


Ugh. I’m getting to the hardest part –the one where names and characteristics of specific minerals have to be committed to memory. :( I mean, honestly. 

Wait. I CAN DO THIS!!! 


Almost there.


Wow. One last column to memorize or mnemonic-ize (? haha). Silicate Minerals woohoo. 


I’ve decided not to do that last column yet. Haha. It might not even be needed. I’ll just check on the progress of my acquisition of Teen Wolf then I’ll move on to history. Sigh. 

I am very thankful that I don’t feel sleepy (much). 


Apparently the internet is being inconveniently slow. I have just checked Facebook. Nothing is happening, as expected. Now to opening that Histo book… 


God be willing I hope to sleep by 2 am or maybe 3 at the latest. I’ve already eaten three pages of the book. Amen. 


Devoured another 5 pages. I suppose that’s a bad rate. Is it?

Just did a set of hand exercises meant to reduce the chances of carpal tunnel and whatever else. It’s very helpful, I suppose. :) I saw it on youtube. 


The playlist of 35 songs stopped playing. So. I have been studying for the duration of 35 soundtrack pieces. 


I think I’m halfway there. Page 246. ;)


Almost 2 am and still not done with Histo. :( 


Oh god I am finally done. My hands, eyes and life are tired. Sleeep. Though I’ll probably stick around for some internet cookies. 

Ugh. Post this tomorrow! :) 


Here I am posting this with the hindsight of someone who had taken both tests. First of all, I’m pretty sure I passed both; I may even get a perfect score on Histo. The Geo test was unfairly easy. I don’t know. It wasn’t what I was expecting. 

On another note, I think I slept at 3 or 3:30 last night/morning, and thankfully still woke up an hour before class. 

That is all. :D Though I want to write another post for today, since it’s been a very weird and tiring one. 

Long weekend to go! :) 

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  1. Hahahaha this is so funny =)) You should use twitter naaa! I do this all the time there =))

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