Twittery Tuesday

I don’t even know what I’m doing with the post titles anymore. =)) Just posted a review of TDKR and another short piece on my faith feelings. :)

Several things have happened in my life. Unfortunately, I can’t be bothered to write properly, so here are some fragments of awesome instead.

Last week was a fun turned frustrating week. Manila and other provinces experienced heavy and constant rainfall, with damages and flood surpassing that of the storm Ondoy. It was Monday night when we first prayed for no classes, as most students do. It was just our karma that not only was our prayer granted, it was granted for (almost) the rest of the week. :( Several Filipinos were inconvenienced, hurt and killed by the habagat. I’m sorry and I sympathize with them. I never thought it would have been that bad, as it wasn’t even a storm. So a fun day of vacation turned into a sorry and later frustrating event. As we were stuck in the dorm (floodwaters reached knee-high, and I had no intention of going out with no boots), we had limited choices in food and entertainment. I am very thankful to my roommate, who gave me nourishment when I ran out of Skyflakes, canned goods and viands. To add onto the inaction and lethargy caused by the hiatus of life, the Chancellor of our university decided to still continue with the classes on Friday, even though the City Mayor declared classes for all private and public educational institutions cancelled. I suppose the Chancellor’s decision was with merit, since the floodwaters had already receded by then, but it was still frustrating since I could have had a longer weekend (here I am being selfish again) as my sister studying in Ateneo had.

I love my family. I missed them, and diverse human interaction in general, during the three-day vacation.

I’ve recently realized that I’m not active in any org anymore (unlike in HS, where my whole life was basically a huge orgfest with free time for actual academics), so, as my brother says, I have no excuse for not getting exceptionally high grades. That is very achievable. It is. Well, it should be, if only I didn’t have the internet and a sense of interest as unpredictable as an unpredictable thing.

In my head, I’ve been trying to draft a plan to practice art daily. I even have a relatively new sketchbook to work with; what I was hoping to do with it was to challenge myself by drawing something everyday, prompted by a random word given by someone or inspired by something.

I always seem to be sleepy. 

Last weekend, I also got new prescriptions for my glasses. Then I got new glasses (Kenneth Cole Reaction, oh yes!) and new contact lenses (a new brand I’ve never tried); I am so thankful to my mom, who also bought two pairs of shorts for me the following day.

Yesterday was the airing of the last episode of a certain show. This means that as it is now finished, I will now watch Teen Wolf Season 2. I never wanted to start watching since I hated waiting a week (or more) for a new episode.

I want to sleep. Sigh.

I’ll post a review (I hope?) of Bourne Legacy sometime. That is all.

NO WAIT. The reason why the title of this post is “Twittery Tuesday” has yet to be revealed. (Drum roll). I now have a twitter account, which is a little late but a lot awesome (I hope). I’ve yet to tweet anything after several days of my account’s existence. I don’t actually know what to tweet, after all. I’m ready to follow cool people though. :D

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