Friday Fun Day

It has been a suprisingly fun day. Well, not surprisingly. Pleasantly. IDK. 

I’m very thankful to the ChuChu and Chums (hahahaha what a wonderful name) and to the inner secret ninjas + super friends group. So confusing. But whatever the case, the presence and actions of these wonderful people made my day.

I went to a friend’s house and rode with her to Folk Arts Theater (where we watched KALOOB Philippine Music and Dance Ministry’s Layag: Journey of the Filipino Soul in Dance, as a requirement for History 1). We ate pancit canton, some sweets and drank iced tea; I also became party to magic tricks and piano-playing, which is always awesome. Technically we rode to Harbour Square, a commercial area near the event site. We walked around, saw some of our other blockmates, and finally decided on eating in Dencio’s. We were later joined by two of our other friends. And we ate. A lot.

The rest of the ChuChu and Chums [:)] didn’t come with us to dinner, and instead went ahead to the theater. I didn’t watch some parts of the performance, mainly because I was too sleepy to even think. It was pretty good though. I’ll probably put up the reaction paper I’ll end up making.

On the way home I rode with another friend, this time with two others. I’m also very thankful to her and her dad, since they treated all three of us hitchhiking friends to Starbucks Coffee (which is never a small deal, since it’s bloody expensive). Then they dropped us off to our respective dorms, which is sweet and very considerate.

The happiness was set up by earlier events in school: I wasn’t late for Histo (though I wasn’t early for the group reviews either), I answered the quiz somewhat acceptably, I ate okay food for lunch, and I talked to people. Yay for socializing!


*Still in my dorms, even though it’s past midnight. My wonderful brother and winsome sister are coming to get me. :D

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