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Or in-progress.


Haven’t watched the opening, but I will. Judging by the tumblr/FB/9gag pictures, it was pretty brilliant. Hello to the Queen, Beatles and Voldemort.


A stray comment in the Facebook group of my block got me reviewing my past geekery. Hello (again) to Sindarin Elvish. Will you welcome me back? Maybe this time I’ll take the leap and learn Tengwar.

What is the use of knowledge if you can’t remember it???? I was supposed to write something related to pronunciation, which wasn’t Voldemort (don’t pronounce the ‘t’, okay) or Edinburgh (it’s Ed-in-brah or something). …wait, I got it. Because “Gandalf” is in Sindarin, it should be pronounced “Gandalv”. F’s placed at the end of the word should be pronounced as v. A revelation, right?

I’m learning more and more about plants because of Bio 21. Unfortunately I won’t remember them all, since they seem pretty irrelevant to me. If I need to know about it, I’ll bloody google it.


Not really sure what’s so awesome about them, since they don’t change that much (but whatever). I recently went to Resorts World Manila and Greenbelt. For the former: it is still too damn small. However I always feel like such an elitist when I’m there, so I guess something still balances it out. We ate in Crisostomo, and I should probably write a review, but then. Never mind.

Greenbelt is still my favorite mall in the Philippines (that is because I’ve never been to malls in other mega-cities, though). Unfortunately it is getting a bit “same-old, same-old”. I’m there almost every week. Nothing changes, though there are always some discoveries to be had. Case in point: we ate for the first time in Tao Yuan Seafood Restaurant, which served Singaporean cuisine. While their service wasn’t that great (they made us wait for ONE hour!!), the food was fine and the other customers were finer (they were Chinese, haha). Interesting to note and coo over was an old couple going on a date. Well I assume they’re a couple. I wouldn’t really know.


Naturally I don’t know a thing about local television (well, I heard Iza Calzado’s (is that the spelling of her name?) new teleserye in ABS-CBN is pretty neat), so here are some things about American ones instead.

Book 2 of Avatar: the Legend of Korra. I actually have no idea about what’s happening in production, but I have high hopes. I need more Gaang flashbacks in the future.

Teen Wolf season 2. Arguably more awesome than the first season, though I really can’t say since I haven’t watched it. Haha. I’m waiting for the whole thing to finish, since I am adverse to works in progress.

Elementary. Here, have a poster.

It’s a girl!Watson.


We were asked to buy tickets to Layag, some sort of folk dance presentation revolving around the country’s history/spirit. The poster looked pretty neat. The only concern we have is the non-existence of our tickets. (Haha. We haven’t bought yet, though the show’s this Friday/Saturday.)

And there are two awesome things I’d like to watch as well: Potted Potter (which has a pretty nonsensical title) and Phantom of the Opera (which is a given). I’m not familiar with the theater Potter Potter’s going to be played in, but I’m excited nonetheless. It seems fun; I’d also never pass a chance to view some new Potter-related things (now if only A Very Potter Musical would come here –impossible).

I need to save up for Phantom, though. CCP Main Theater –I want the best seats possible!


While I am still waiting for next year and the rest of time to come (hello Star Trek XII, Ant Man (what?), Thor 2, Captain America 2, Iron Man 3 and Avengers 2), I am also excited by some movies still coming out this year.

Lower on the scale of things I’m looking forward to are Rise of the Guardians, Monsters Inc. 2 and Phineas and Ferb: Marvel Mission (though I’m not sure when the latter two will be released).

High up on the list is, well, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. 

Young Bilbo Baggins, at 50 years old.

I can’t wait to see how they’ll show Smaug (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) and Mirkwood. Oh, Mirkwood. Here, have my a picture of my favorite Sindarin elf of the Woodland Realm:

He also takes videos. | Production video #8, I think.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was written into the movie. Maybe he’s Peter Jackson’s favorite, or something. Either way, it still stands to reason. In the books, he was mysteriously absent –why? It’s not like there was anywhere else he would have been practicing archery in. Mirkwood is his home. (Maybe Tolkien just thought his presence wasn’t important?) Let’s not forget Papa Thranduil, played by the brilliant Lee Pace. Can’t be bothered to find a picture, though. Sorry.

(Imagine if they made a bonus film based on The Silmarillion. …wow.)


I am about to eat. That’s awesome too.

(And then there’s the Histo reading assignment after that. Also awesome [?].)

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