College Life Part Something

Well hello. 

Today is a Tuesday. I suppose. Many things have happened, will happen and are happening (though the latter is a bit more questionable, logically, since anything else can’t be happening if I’m here typing away). 

First to merit a mention is debate, which I am in a love-chase-hate-spurn relationship right now, if that makes sense. Since I’m too lazy to express my thoughts in a more coherent manner, I’ll just go with this: I want to debate (as soon as possible), but I want to do well (naturally). I’m scared to debate (since it’s with college debaters already), but at the same time I want to go on a fast track and compete already (naturally with the same pool of college debaters). I also want to be part of the UP Manila Debate Circle (since I want to go compete in interschool tourneys), but I’m afraid it’s shaping up to be a big hassle. Why do organizations ask for so much? It should just ask for a form and an audition. That’s it, really. 

Next is academics. I may have said (to myself, and to my family or whatever) that things are looking up academic-wise. And they are. They seriously are. I understand things better, most of my grades are passing and so on. But it doesn’t mean that my grades are incredible (NOT YET!) 

This week we already had our first long exam in Bio 21 (that’s on Botany), and while I think I did well enough to pass, I’m not so sure if the results would go soaring like a rainbow. On Thursday’s our Math Departmental Exam, which makes me want to simultaneously laugh and cry and kind of die. 

Woohoo that rhymed. 

Also, on my artistic stuffinations, I have recently added two or so lines to my Burmese Climbing Rhyme. Yes. That’s what I called progress. I have also recently discovered Adobe Illustrator, which I am hoping to illustrate the hell out of this month. I’ve already got ideas about what to do with all these vector styles. 

Pertaining to my independent woman living, I am quite content, though obviously nothing is perfect. I am now talking to my roommate and all (we’re not on the level of best buddies [yet?], which is fine and perfectly normal). I am progressively getting lazier when it comes to washing dishes (because using the sink is damn hard, okay?). 

I still move like the slowest human-caterpillar (expressed with humanoid physical attributes) in the world. Ugh. Partially late in Histo again, though I maintain it’s not my fault: our professor begins our classes 20 minutes before the scheduled time. That’s 8:10 instead of 8:30 am. How in the world am I suppose to move that fast?

Just kidding. 

But I really do move that slow. 

On another matter I am still sleeping as late as the owls do at night, which is to say virtually by dawn –though I am the kind of nocturnal owl who likes to take a nap during the night, and persists in being awake in the day, when I should be sleeping. 

Does that make sense? It doesn’t, to me. 

But if it does to you, good job. 

And lastly to my productivity level, which I recently described as fluctuating. I realized, however, that it’s all a matter of perspective. From the viewpoint of a hedonist/recreationalist (hahahaha), I am practically the epitome of a productive human being. I have downloaded 90% of Teen Wolf season 1, and am currently being waited upon by the first episode. 

On the other hand, my productivity might measure a little bit low if we’re talking about actual requirements. Case in point: I need to do my NSTP reaction paper, fix my debate things and my notes in Geo. Not to mention prepare for the Dep Ex. 

Here’s to me. And to all of us. 

And to that cat who is apparently missing from CAS. God bless the cat. 

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  1. Watch Suits!!! It’s about lawyerssss. Hihi. :))

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