Productivity Level — Fluctuating

If I had to describe my productivity level today (and for the last few days), I’d say it was –as the post title suggests– fluctuating. Irregular.

Highly frustrating.

Exhibit A: I’ve just woken up from taking a two-hour nap, and ahead of me looms the idea of washing  up (a necessity), eating dinner (also a necessity), and studying for both botany and history (which is veering off into my “things I want to do but right now, really?” list).

Exhibit B: Refer to exhibit C.

Exhibit C: I can’t even be bothered to think of anything.

Exhibit D: Ugh. This is my first post in two weeks. And here I was dreaming of a regularly-chronicled college life.

Exhibit E: Exhibits A to D were highly incomplete and assumptive. They don’t prove anything about my behavior at all. They only show my low level of productivity. Please. Rest assured that there are some good days.

(And today will be one of them!) After I’m done with this post I am leaving this comfortable bed (yes it is) and raising my productivity level to SUPER-SCARY-EFFICIENT.

I just.

I love life. I love learning. I love it I swear it. And I will express my love by studying and tidying up after myself.


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