Paint and Pens: Old VA and WIP

I took the Visual Arts elective last school year. I am most proud of my imperfect painting, which was done as a final requirement for the painting part of the curriculum. 

It’s an amateur reproduction (is that the correct term for it?) of Andre Derain’s The Thames and Tower Bridge. The original painting was a simple landscape and honestly didn’t evoke strong emotions. It made use of strong, bold colors in painting an environment that is, in real life, generally foggy or cloudy. Andre Derain was a painter who lived in the early 1900s, and was unfortunately eclipsed by emerging styles after the wars. 

Here, have an old painting (and yeah, it’s pretty lacking and disproportionate in some parts). 

“The Thames and Tower Bridge by A. Derain, a reproduction”, 2011, acrylic on canvas

That’s my bed in the background, haha. And these are all taken with my phone, so I apologize for the bad quality! :) And now for my work in progress. 

My goal is to fill up the whole paper (it’s on a special board) with patterns using all of my twenty Stabilo pens (which is why it’s currently called “Stabilo” –I’m so creative). 

I personally think the effect is better when it is seen from afar. 

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