When I was younger, I failed at making friends. Well, not in the sense that I didn’t actually have any, but more in the sense that I had very few of them, and most of them were also books.

So. I grew up a little and became secretly awkward. I am very good in making “business” friends and laughing with other people, but I always find myself going thinking Is this awkward?, or It’s like I’m starring in the Koreanovela flashback of a successful, oppressive woman with a sad childhood and even Maybe everyone feels this awkward and I’m just bad in acting. 

I am, however, quite proud of my awkwardness. I’ve told many people of my ‘Selective Hugs Policy’, which entails no hugging without proper conditioning (of me), express permission or without me being the hug initiator. I’ve told select people about the awkwardness I feel with them (lol) and, alternatively, the very special non-awkwardness I experience.

But that’s just the introduction. The real point of this page is to detail a list. What list?

A List of Awkward Moments

experienced in life, particularly by me or by the general public

  1. Sales people in Gasoline Stations. To be specific: in Shell. I don’t really know what their official job description is, but when they come to our car while we’re loading up gas or waiting for change/bill, it never fails to be awkward. They usually come after people to talk about a promo that simply MUST be availed of. Sure, it’s a decent way of living, and it could have been smooth flowing –if only they know how to take ‘no’ for an answer. Because yes we already have a so-and-so credit card, and no we don’t need your special with-discount-rates-specific-to-Shell-gas credit card. But since their ears hear selectively and they are VERY persistent, they hang around the car. Beside the driver’s seat-door. While the window is partly down after turning the engines off. And so proceeds the most awkward silent game of who will cave in/leave first, with me laughing at the back and those up front turning their eyes everywhere but the sales pitcher.
  2. Mistaken nationality. Not something that happened to me/ I did, but still pretty awkward being there. Imagine talking to a Malay/Singaporean/Thai in Filipino, thinking they were OFWs since they look like us, but it turns out they weren’t. I can’t decide if it’s offensive, embarrassing or a mix of both. 
I will update this. Sometime. =))This was originally a page, but then I suppose I’d rather it was just a post. Yay! 

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