My life tonight.

Ehem. So.


This morning, my brother and I dropped Ate Risa off to a bus station in Pasay. She’s staying in Bicol for eight days, taking a needed break from the hassle of our house and at the same time leaving me all alone to fend off dust bunnies, scrounge for food and the like.

Sigh. This time of the year often feels like the longest.


I am (dis)pleased to say that I have not yet finished my requirements for enrollment. Granted, the only thing left to do is photocopy some things, but I am still lazy enough to not do it yet.

I also need to buy stamps and a long brown envelope. I MUST NOT FORGET. 


What in the world are we going to eat tonight? Haha. Kuya has, mercifully, left the building to go who-knows-where. I am reliably informed that he will be taking his dinner elsewhere. My mom is still relaxing and exercising (whichever), yoga style. I am here, typing on my blog, ignoring the fact that I have not yet cooked rice or ordered food or reheated earlier’s viand.


My mom just came in and told us we’re going out to pick up a few things. Yes! The potential for a good dinner actually exists.


Still have so many plans for future posts, including the spoiler version of my review for the Avengers and my review of The Legend of Korra, which I finally started watching. It’s awesome, though I feel it will be less awesome than the old gaang (at least right now). But the characters are somewhat lovable, especially Tenzin and his family, and I really need to make that post now.


A couple of hours later and a few new facts come to light. Our car needs a new battery, so we can’t go out. I’ve already eaten a passable meal. I need to learn how to cook canned breakfast foods. I am so lazy I only reviewed the details of my enrollment instead of actually doing something to correct it. 

Also, it rained awhile ago. This is Philippine summer weather, people. It rains, the ground’s wet and then all semblance of moisture evaporates from the atmosphere in under two seconds. The heat is back, and we are all left with sweat dripping from our foreheads even though we’re just happily sitting down. 


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