Heat, Holidays and Hold ups


Heat. Glorious heat.

Summer lovin’ feels more like being burnt to crisp as the days pass. It is incredibly easy to sweat while doing nothing. It is so dry –even the rain, which rebelliously and sporadically comes even this season, is not helpful at all. The ground is wet, but the atmosphere remains NOT moist.

Even here in Laguna there is little improvement. Sleeping last night was a veritable challenge. At the very least it is cooler here (in the bukid) compared to the town. Trees do help.

Holidays I don’t understand, but am thankful for.

My brother, who works in corporate finance (I don’t even know) for the main office of a bank, has three days off, in accordance to a national holiday (pista opisyal, apparently called here). But to expound. I do, to an extent, understand the necessity of this holiday (which basically covers Holy Maundy Thursday to the day after Easter). Majority of the work force are Catholics or traditionalists who observe the practices of Holy Week. Whether or not it is a national holiday, offices might empty because of well-conditioned workers going home to reflect, pray etc. But to another extent such holidays (even the one for InC) really don’t make sense. If it is a state holiday –and it probably is, then it’s even worse. The state shouldn’t reinforce such non-productive behavior. People are being accustomed to holidays.

Am I even coherent? Probably not. Just something along the lines of separation of Church and State. Or something.

(Currently Apr 6, 19:05). We joined the procession of saints and other peoples relevant to Christ’s death. We took more of a tourists’ route, complete with candles, picture-taking and no praying. We joined our cousins from my father’s side. They were following the statue of Veronica. My two younger lady cousins (cute as ever) and three older cousins were there, as well as two of my lovely aunts. My ninang‘s dog, named Pom-pom (sp?), was there walking with us.

We’re enroute to their house right now. It’s my father’s mother’s birthday, so we’ve just bought an acceptable gift (currently 19:13).

And to also recall: one of my other cousins from my mother’s side also joined the procession -barefoot. He just graduated grade school, but is a regular sacristan (?). He would have seemed very convincing, had he not been laughing half the time.

‘Hold up’ is a verb, not a noun.

Alright. Ehem. Ink is still killing me. Today is April 6. Cards out is on the 10th. And still, the final pdf is still not ye out. Our moderator hasn’t returned the file yet with her comments, so I can’t make the final edits. Sigh.


Add to that is the fact that there is no Internet here (I don’t even know right now (19:28) when I can post this). I am, however, holding on to the hope that there is wireless connection in my uncle’s dentist clinic down the road to my mother’s maiden house.


Well hello again.

(Currently 14:51, Apr 7) I didn’t want to create a new post for this rant, so. I’m writing this while listening to I Hate That I Love You sounding from the videoke (is that a word?). I’m surrounded by dozens of people who can claim a legitimate relationship with me –it’s the almost-annual Suazo Clan Reunion.

So far, I’ve eaten lunch and dessert, and played two games. The first game was all about “youngsters” guessing the identity of sepia-toned pictures from the vintage days of older gens. My sister one a rosary, having guessed a picture of my mom’s sister –my aunt had a weird hairdo and was wearing a Filipiniana. We (two cousins, my siblings and I representing the relatives of Lolo Biano Suazo) won another game. It was similar to Namalengke si Maria, only without the multiple layers.

Right now everyone’s chilling. Pictures are being taken by family group.

As a side note, the youngest member of my immediate-extended family, my Lola Mauring’s great-grandson Jan Nathan (I refer to him as Baby Nate) is as cute as ever. Apparently he’ll be attending a summer drawing class by Nestle. He’s two years old.

Also, the hold up is still a hold up. I have a feeling it won’t be published anymore. :(

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