Happy Thoughts

My music playlists are getting more awesome (awesomer?) by the second. Lalala. Two new playlists perfect for studying, drawing, exercising and daydreaming: Super Soundtrack! (from the OST/ST of Marvel movies like First Class, First Avenger, Iron Man and The Avengers) and I AM LOCKED! (from the brilliant OST of Sherlock BBC).

Happy happyyyy.

Our trip to Singapore on the 14th is also tickling my hope bone(s). Woohoo.

My hopefully beautiful future in UP-M is also knocking. I still need to handle my enrollment and lodgings, though.

My artistic skills are also slowly getting better. My goal this summer is to finally learn how to draw people, and to create at least one work I won’t be hesitant to showcase as a print.

I am being exposed to brilliant works in media. Namely, the ABC television series Once Upon a Time (a deconstruction of fairytales that is well written; the visuals are also brilliant), the Disney movie Tangled (also brilliant; I watched it last night –and yes I’m late to it) and satisfyingly entertaining snippets of another series, New Girl or something like that. All thanks to my sister!

Happiness does not end.

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