Little Wonderlands


I am officially a graduate (though I obviously am not free of certain clutches).

I’d like to thank my mom (who has spent and will spend [Singapore, darling, we’ll see each other soon] a disproportionate amount for my graduation, my sister (who has assigned herself a #StageAte, which is true), my brother (who is partly responsible for my Sr. Dolores Award for Outreach) and my Ate Risa (over-all support).

I’d also like to proclaim my love for my Super!Lola, who despite being 81 years old, still attended my graduation. She rode all the way from our province to dress me my medal.

My mom and sister also cooked up a video for me. I’ll link it sometime (it has Xian Lim congratulating me!).


My family has always underlined graduations by staying in a hotel. From my brother’s and sister’s high school graduation, my brother’s college and my grade school, we’ve checked in many hotels in the Makati/ Manila area.

This time we stayed (are staying) in two hotels: Midas Hotel and Casino in Roxas Boulevard and Dusit Thani in Makati. We checked in Dusit Thani earlier.

This is the reason why I filed this under Reviews/ Recommendations.

Midas Hotel

In some ways, Midas was quite disappointing. First, the general ambiance and decor. Yes, there was a man playing a grand piano in the lobby, and yes, the room card was an interesting shade of minimalist white. However, the atmosphere was ruined by: (1) the ongoing “facelift” or construction off to the side, (2) the noisiness of the furniture [there were retro chairs, avant garde pieces and fur rugs all in the lobby], (3) the lack of unity in design even inside the room [they should have settled with the standard wood and spartan style common to most hotels], not to mention (4) the constricting hallways, with the walls painted with what I recall was coconut trees.

And while the location yields a decent view (the bay and the cityscape) and is strategic (roughly fifteen minutes from the school), certain sacrifices were made. Namely: parking and security. There is no underground parking, for one, so the cars are cramped and all out of the open. The bigger question on security comes with the neighborhood. There are dubious establishments that are, in contrast to the bright structural lights of Midas, dim and scary.

In terms of service, I would have acquiesced a ‘yes’ and stop at that –if it weren’t for the lack of tissue rolls (when we returned) and the times my mom rose to a temper to five equly confused and confusing girls (over breakfast coupons and a la carte meals).

In some ways it really was a 3-star hotel (that’s just a guess; it would have been terribly remiss of them if they turned out a 4-star hotel).

Dusit Thani

My impression of Dusit Thani was never highly flattering. I thought it would be one of those gaudy hotels with too much gold and sculptures.

But Dusit Thani, at the very least, had exceeded expectations –though this is quite an early evaluation, this night being the first of our stay.

In terms of facilities it is superior to Midas Hotel and Casino (at the very least Dusit has a swimming pool; Midas’ under renovation). There is a gym, spa, multiple function rooms and restaurants (which I haven’t checke out yet; we’re eating out right now). There’s also a basement parking, yay!

Service is also promising to be good. I am especially enamored with a Guest Services Manager who greeted us. She’s Japanese (I believe), and she arranged our upgrade to a two-bed suite (lovely!).

The atmosphere of the lobby is also livelier than in Midas. There’s even this adorable live entertainment of a woman (in rotation) playing what seems to be an Oriental folk string instrument.

I’m planning to wake up tomorrow to explore the hotel. Since my sister is leaving the DSLR with us, I’ll be taking pictures tomorrow.


Edit: insert pic 

Sweet suite is sweet. Lol.

end notes

It’s past midnight, so the date this post is registered is only technically true. I’m still operating under “yesterday”.

And the title (“Little Wonderlands”) refers to hotels. Specifically, to my quietly intense love of creature comforts, adoration of human materialism and luxury, and approval of constant pampering.

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