Footnotes: Racism in medicine

As long as we live in an unequal society, science and medicine will always have a long way to go. #BlackLivesMatter

Heyyy Greeting Cards!

I like making cards for various occasions. (And I can be persuaded take commissions!)

Pens and Photoshop: mixed media is awesome

  1: I really wanted to use my relatively new Sharpie metallic gold and silver pens. 2: We had black paper lying around. 3: Something Filipino to give more zest. 4: I was too lazy to paint, so Photoshop it was. Surprisingly fun to do. 5: The universe naturally tends towards chaos. We tend to…

Pens and Pencils: Botanical Hearts

Featuring grainy pictures of ‘Wood you be my valentine?’, ‘Awkward stomate’ and ‘No effort was made’. Inspired by Bio 101 Plant Anatomy Classes.