Thank you to my mother, whose hard work and love introduced me to the wonders of different places and cultures. Thank you to my sister, for being a great photographer and travel buddy. Thank you to my brother, family, friends and everyone else I’ve travelled with.

I am in love with the dream of traveling. I want to see the world, visit every continent. I want to walk through cities and wake up to the sound of locals having breakfast. I want to get lost in every other city I visit. And someday I will. 

Twenty-five cities in twenty-five years! Watercolour, 30 May 2020. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that travelling the world is truly a privilege. We had to postpone a trip to Thailand as all international flights have been discouraged and later banned for the sake of public health. I don’t know where I’ll be celebrating my birthday this 2020, with the Philippines still in its crazy long (and ineffective) community quarantine. Though I am not quite 25, and I’ve been to more than twenty-five cities in the world, I wanted to make this quick world map to celebrate the places I’ve been to and the places I’ve yet to visit. Also, I painted this to finally put the compulsion to buy a scratch map to rest.

To follow the whole journey, read through my travel-related blog posts.

Here are the places I visited (and will visit!), with all the little things I love about them.


  • Hong Kong – PRC
  • Los Angeles, San Diego, Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York – USA | #TBT: USA!





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